Hi, I’m Natasha and welcome to my website!

Born and raised in London, I spent two years working in Germany where I discovered the stunning world of Resin art. From then on, a strong desire to unleash my creativity was born.

I create colourful artworks using not only Resin but a wide range of artistic mediums as well as crystals, glitters, sparkles and inks that I have experimented with along my journey. These works vary from smaller everyday household items like Coasters, Trays, Trinkets, Cheeseboards and Cake Stands to larger Wall Canvases, Geodes and Flooring. 

As a natural born perfectionist with a high level of attention to detail you can be rest assured that all creations are made to a high standard finish.

This website is the ultimate guide to helping you discover what I can offer for your needs. All works can be custom made to any colour, shape or style depending on your requirements making them suitable for any space. Current items for sale are available in the shop page but please do take a few minutes to look at the gallery and follow my instagram page @studiobytasha for current and previous pieces which will also give you some inspiration. 

Creating art with Resin provides endless outcomes. I look forward to working with you on this fluid journey to creating a piece that you will LOVE. Life is full of beautiful and colourful moments waiting to be captured.